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Secret Deodorant has a commercial - starring a trans actress - about a trans woman in a women's room. video here. Well done, consumer marketing company!
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Fascinating article in the Guardian talking to a guy who's written a book about drugs in Nazi Germany, because apparently there was a whole lot of oxycodone and methamphetamines going around there. (I am suddenly reminded of the Val Kilmer movie, "Salton Sea", where there's an expository montage about meth that includes noting how it was heavily used in WWII.)
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I'm still reading LJ very regularly, but I keep spacing on posting. I want to do more posting, so this is a very trivial post that's mostly here to remind me to post.

Quick life update: Things are good. Yay married life. Getting pretty used to the new car. I'll be looking to sell the pickup truck soon, I hope. Still two cats, although Nikita is having a harder time jumping up to places where she wants to be. She had a bad day last week and I thought it might be That Time, but she was fine after a day or so. She's enjoying being a cat, still, as far as we can tell. Bonaparte continues to be the low-maintenance cat except she likes to aggressively head-butt me in the middle of the night.
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City Slicker has been my go-to pizza choice for a while in Somerville for years. Except they seem to have changed their recipes in the past couple of weeks for both pizza and fries and while I'm mostly okay with the new fries, [livejournal.com profile] clauclauclaudia doesn't like them nearly as much, although the roasted garlic dipping sauce is still about the same, but we are both really underwhelmed by the changes in pizza crust, They're not doing the pan-baking thing, and instead it's just mediocre and I think they've changed something about the cheese and sauce, too. (I think? hard to tell with the huge change in crust)

Suggestions on who makes a good white pizza with pepperoni and garlic around here and will bring it to my house in the Winter Hill area?
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My department will be posting openings for some senior network wranglers. Anyone interested? If so, I'll make a point to let you know when the job posting goes up.
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Picked up the Fit. Between being more spacious, less zippy, and having a much mellower suspension, it's a bit like driving a couch in comparison to the Mini Cooper S. A friend of mine is buying the Mini, so that works out well. Now I need to work on getting rid of the truck in the next few months. (I want to get rid of it before the sticker needs to be replaced, in September)

But, my goodness. Car electronics got complicated. My stepmother bought a new Toyota Corolla recently, so I was aware of some of the touch-screen interface stuff and how cars have rear view cameras sometimes, but wow. Rear view camera is cool, but the right lane camera is a new bit of cool for me (particularly for driving around town - anything that makes it easier to track bicycles near my car is a good thing, and this should make a good addition to the right side mirror)

That said... WHAT JACKASS DECIDED THAT A FUCKING TOUCH SCREEN WOULD BE A GOOD INTERFACE FOR A CAR? Most of everything is doable with steering wheel controls, but still.

And the interior layout is so different. I don't know where everything goes yet! There's only one hardware design peeve and one easily-worked-around software peeve I have so far. The hardware peeve is that the "open gas cap" pull lever is next to my left ankle, which is out of reach without me opening the driver's door. Not a problem if I'm doing self-serve gas, but the station near my house is a full serve so this is a slight inconvenience. The software peeve is that it starts playing music (not necessarily any particular playlist) when it bluetooth pairs with my phone. Since I was already in the habit of leaving the volume way down when I shut down the car, that's no big deal to work around, and 'pause' is easy.

I guess I need a Honda Fit userpic.
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Well, it's time. My beloved MINI is getting a bit long in the tooth and it seems like it's getting ready to go live on a farm in the country where it can frolic with the other parts cars. So I figured that I'd stay ahead of the game and start figuring out what to replace it with. I opted for a Honda Fit, and then the July 4th sale incentives hit, so I'm going to be picking up a new Fit next week.

They offered me kind of crap value for trade-in on the mini (to be fair, they think they'll just send it to auction), so I'll probably swing by one of the used car places in Somerville and see if they'll do better. If not, I'll see if the dealership will go for slightly less cash and throw in a bunch of accessories. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the annoyance and work to do a private sale via CL or ebay or something. I suspect not.

Since the Fit is more spacious than the MINI, I figure if I get a set of roof racks for that, it'll cover 95% of what I do with the truck, so I can get rid of the truck as well.
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never felt the desire to have amex platinum before...
(platinum customers get access to Hamilton presale tix for several days before the rest of the hoi polloi get access on Sunday night. Of course, presumably the hoi polloi will be preceded by the ticket-buying bots, but I'll give it a try... Hopefully with Miranda leaving the main cast in July, tickets will get slightly less stratospheric.)
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First off, anyone local got a SATA->USB adapter frob I could borrow for a while that would let me convert an internal HD as an external USB drive? (The old PC had an externally-facing SATA hookup, so some of my backups are on an internal type HD.)

I let the magic smoke out of the power supply on my home desktop computer week before last - poked around and saw that a capacitor had exploded. Oops. I eventually picked up a new power supply and some extension cables (because the case is kind of huge) and while I think it's cabled up right, it's not working. I hear a little relay click in the power supply but nothing happens besides that, so I'm guessing something is stupid. I'm feeling a bit annoyingly stupid mostly because the state of the art has progressed a bit since the last time I built a PC from scratch (it was this century, but not very far into it, as I recall), and I'm having the frustrating experience of feeling stupid for something that I feel *should* be well inside my sphere of general clue.

Due to various other annoyances, this has all exceeded my ability to deal in the short term, and I have some deadlines for having a comfortable desktop environment (web-based training that I'd rather do from home starting Monday and I had some maintenance window work to do this morning). I decided that I didn't want to do that stuff on my laptop and since the old desktop machine was a few years old, I used it as an excuse to pick up a new desktop. And a new monitor because, hey, dual-monitor setup is fun. (Over/under, here, which is a bit different than the side/side I'm used to at work). My choices were a bit limited because I didn't want Win10 (I'd tried upgrading the previous machine and rolled back because it had some hardware incompatibilities), but I found something at microcenter that was sufficient unto the task. I spent part of yesterday downloading ALL MANY OF THE THINGS and checked that I had everything to be able to do my maintenance window this morning and the training class tomorrow. I considered dragging the new chassis to work yesterday to use giant firehose network bandwidth there to download everything, but this box only has DVI and HDMI and all the monitors at my desk are VGA and if I had to go home to pick up the DVI/VGA adapter, I may as well just hang out at home anyways because it really was too nice a day to sit in a basement room.


May. 18th, 2016 11:12 pm
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Idle thought: anyone on my friendslist potentially interested in doing a bit of Call of Cthulhu gaming? The stars weirdly aligned for Chaosium and I got my hardcopy 7th edition books recently. They do have 'quick-start' documentation, and if anyone is interested in running rather than playing, I've got at least one scenario that came with the docs.


May. 14th, 2016 03:48 pm
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It's my best bud's birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] kjc


Apr. 13th, 2016 07:09 pm
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Need to finish cutting and putting up suspended ceiling tiles in the tenant unit downstairs before the weekend and my shoulder is bothering me. Eit.
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Of interest to some knitters I know, the "Knit One, Fuck You" folks are doing t-shirts now:
link here
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So, the 41st annual Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon happened the other week, and so Claudia and I saw a whole lot of movies.
moviesmoviesmovies - many blurbs and opinions below the cut )

They announced the awards for the Fest and I agree with them all or, at least, can find no fault with any of the choices at first glance. A pretty solid lineup and a good time.

well, shit

Feb. 14th, 2016 09:01 am
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kitchen pipes froze overnight. I've moved the washer mostly out of its nook and have a fan running there and I'm blow-drying aggressively against the under-sink pipes, so hopefully this will get the frozen part from both sides (I am guessing that the frozen bit is between those two points).

Hopefully I won't then discover that the pipe burst as well. No dripping or flowing water sounds yet, so my fingers are crossed.

ETA: pipes are fine, and I left the water trickling on Sunday night so things were fine when I got home today (Monday).
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We did a whirlwind trip to NYC this weekend. We wanted to see Allegiance before it closes next weekend, and since we were down there, we also saw Fun Home.

We tool the Acela down Saturday morning, walked down to the Hotel Edison, checked in and dropped our bags, and then went up to the matinee of Allegiance. It's well-performed - the cast is solid, and Takei gave himself the most fun role of the show. In the framing sequence, he plays the main character as an old man, but for most of the show he plays the grandfather of the family and it's a fun role. The musical part of the musical is a bit rough. The songs are more narrative than I expect in a show that's not fully sung-through, and some of the rhymes are a bit clunky. Also, there's a bit of "this character falls for that one because the plot requires it". But overall an enjoyable experience and as one of the kickstarter backers, I'm really glad I got to see the show before it closed up.

We grabbed dinner nearby and hung out in the room for a bit and then walked up to Circle in the Square for Fun Home. I've been reading Bechdel's stuff since the mid 80's when it was in the gay newspapers, and I had read the graphic novel when it first came out, so I've been eager to see this for a while. The performance is done in the round, and Circle in the Square is a fairly small space, so the show is really quite intimate. There are enough hydraulics that things were able to move in and out of the space easily as needed, which is otherwise a challenge in a space that small. There are three Alisons - the adult Alison, who's looking back at all this, college aged Alison, and young Alison. All three were great; the young Alison had previously been one of the flock of titular Matildas in that show. The show was as good as I'd hoped, and the performances were great. We had an understudy for Alison's mother, and she was solid, and Michael Cerveris was phenomenal as her father.

We took the train back on Sunday and headed right over to start watching movies for the Fest, where we saw Polder for a non-zombie, non-nuclear-war dystopia, and the tail end of the shorts program.
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This is absolutely fabulous. Someone took a bunch of classic movie musicals (1953 and older, with one exception from what looks like "That's Entertainment) and cut them together with "Uptown Funk" and it is very fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1F0lBnsnkE
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Market rate for Somerville is $1300/mo, but that price is probably heavily skewed by property prices around Davis and Porter, so I think $1150 is probably about right for my neighborhood. How does this sound for an ad for a couple of mailing lists and dslj?

The 1 bedroom/1 bath downstairs apartment in my multi-family house is going up for rent as of the beginning of April, $1150/mo. It's a 1br in Somerville over near City Hall and Sarma. It's the first floor of a typical owner-occupied 3 story/2 family Victorian style Somerville house. Nice porch, fairly quiet one-way street, close to several bus routes. Oil heat and hot water. In-unit washer/dryer included. Gas stove. Not wheelchair accessible - there are a few stairs up to the front and back (well, side) porches. Well behaved pets are okay. On-street parking - parking is generally available on the block.

ETA: added "owner-occupied" and "2-family", removed reference to potential green line stop
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So... The JoCoCruise. Fun? Worth it? Or is it like being stuck on a boat for a nonstop 7 day long performance of that interminable damned seamen song?
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While Valve has had my undying love for years thanks to all the HL games (okay, I never played the PS-only game), Portal, and Team Fortress 2, I have made room in my heart for more gaming goodness. I picked up Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas a while back during a Steam sale, and finally started playing them.

That's some big fun, there.


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