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so, i took a plain lightswitch cover plate and some nice paper from the papersource (i think i was originally going to use the paper as backing for the slightly-too-small-for-the-frame postcards in the Shrine to Pulp Entertainment on the stairway in my apartment)

and i used some plain glue to glue the paper to the plate and pokes holes for the plate screws and let it dry. then i cut out for the switch itself and put two coats of polyurethane on it.

it looks really cool. although i think maybe i should use satin or semi-gloss rather than high gloss next time i do this.
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okay. after much mucking about with regular primer and killz primer and brushes and rollers and paint sprayers (with much plastic strewn about) and then more fun with brushes and rollers, the ceiling in my foyer is mostly white (anything that can show thru two coats of killz gets to stay off-white for now), and the walls have been primed and painted with a creamy faintly yellow color. this is good.

now to clean up all the plastic and move the desk back in there.
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okay. things are looking up.
done so far:
early today: DISHWASHER ATTACK! tv-room-to-be substantially emptied. vacuuming upstairs. shuffled things around in the front room on the second floor so i can move several boxes in there and out of the main living space.
with claudia: couch moved to new tv room. loveseat moved to new tv room. tv moved to new tv room (and boy howdy even with two people, it's a bit of a challenge to move a 36" tube television). rack and other gear moved to new tv room. tivo and dss set up sufficiently well to work (even if the vcr et al aren't set up yet)

done since claudia went off to watch sean astin speak: rest of cove moulding cut (er, the last few pieces took a couple of tries before i got the cuts correct, but it's up and working.) and mounted and caulked. some of faucet handles puttied and mounted. (one of the flanges doesn't want to screw on all the way, and i need to find one missing handle) i'm just upstairs now snagging some teflon tape to mount the shower head and tub faucet.

i should, at some point, do a huge pile of laundry. in particular, i should launder my sheets since there's bits of glitter all over them. and, even more, SORT the existing large pile of clean laundry.

yay! great productivity. so tomorrow all i have to do is angst about meeting with a recruiter. (note to self: find folio with nice copies of resume etc)
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with this much semi-dried liquid nails on my hands, i should be able to climb walls like a gekko, dammit.

ah well. at least the tub surround is mounted. i still need to caulk around seams and put up moulding at the top, but the surround itself is mounted and done.
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my fingertips (and part of my fingers) are now covered with dried liquid nails adhesive. i should go commit crime because my fingerprints are untraceable. maybe i'll GET SUSHI AND NOT PAY!

two of my brothers came over, and one of them helped me mount the three flat pieces of my tub surround. the other napped. (he's the one who has a NEW SURGICALLY CHISELLED FABULOUS LOOKING BODY - i have scar pictures and don't make me post them!)

i do enjoy spending time with my siblings. yes, yes i do.

plus, hey, i was all productive and stuff.
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i'm not really unpacked fully into the house as-is and already i'm considering ways to change things around. maybe i'm just evolving into the place.

today's thought -- what if i move all the tv and couch type stuff into the other room on the third floor... hmmmm. *sigh*
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i have a tenant for downstairs! well, okay, not yet, but i have one lined up. this is very good.

and it's yet another reason the movie last weekend was good, since the guy i'll be renting to was one of the folks at the movie. so of course i need to finish up the renovations, but that shouldn't be too hard.

today i swung by home despot and picked up a full-height tub surround that i should be able to adjust to the dimensions of the existing tub enclosure area, and some plumbers putty and about 6 tubes of liquid nails. and a hole saw kit. i should have that all set by the end of this coming weekend. and then it's just fishing in the kitchen switch leg (i guess. unless i want to make the kitchen fixture pullchain, but that seems so cheap and lame.)
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well, having finished all the tile work in the the upstairs bathroom, now i finally get to take apart the downstairs bathroom and make it water-tight around the tub. the base of the current wall-covering is all swollen and rotting and clearly not long for this world. so i pulled part of it down and it looks like the wallboard behind is actually okay. which is very good.

but now i have to pull off all the faucet hardware stuff so i can pull the faux-tile-covered-masonite off of that wall, too.

i am not a plumber. no, no i am not. gosh! a new learning curve.

also, holy shit it's march and this means i have to get even more uptight about studying for the CISSP test. eek!
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so, apparently, today was my day to rescue women i love. (well, yesterday, at this point, since it's friday already)

first, i got a call from one of my best friends explaining that she had gotten into logan and was driving home and had managed to get lost in boston. she was parked on the side of the road, upset, talking to me from her cellphone. she described where she was and what businesses were around her, and i used the POWER OF THE WEB to figure out where she was and gave her directions to get somewhere she knew.

then a few hours later, claudia needed a ride asap to get to the cleaners before they closed so she could get her coat to wear it out of town this weekend (she leaves tomorrow, so the deadline was, in fact, looming). she had called a cab and there was no way the cab would get there in time. so i helped secure my position as Best Girlfriend Ever and drove to her work and took her to the cleaners (yeah! i took her to the cleaners, man!) and then back to work where she was going to meet up with her brother.

in house news, i got a fair bit of stuff done today. i painted most of the baseboards (i need to go over the edges later, with a smaller brush), and rough-cut and stained the edging that will go at the bottom of the baseboard to bridge the gap between the baseboard and the floor.

i feel quite productive. yay productivity.

of course, i also managed to slice my thumb open pretty thoroughly on the edge of a paint can, cutting it from the first knuckle to nearly the tip of the thumb, on the pad. a little deeper and i would've had to consider getting stitches. happily, i was able to just band-aid and duct tape it.
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so, i was feeling sad and mildly ill on account of the reflux from hell last night, but i dosed on antacids and acid reducers and then went over to claudia's (stopping to pick up sushi on the way) and we ate sushi and watched smallville and wallowed in the subtext. then i read a bunch of one of the books i got from wordsworth the other day while she puttered around and did stuff and it was just all good. i felt much better. and then i slept hard and when i woke up i was posessed of actual motivation to do stuff, so i'm doing that.

my schedule for the morning is to sand down the walls in my bedroom (which the carpenters have finished! complete with a piece of crown molding where the remnants of the cove ceiling corner used to be, which is great) and then vacuum a bit and then caulk. while the caulk is setting, i'll cut in the box for the overhead light, and then fix up the device boxes.

and i've got to get the phone working upstairs. comma dammit.


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