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last night i made a cake for someone (it's a bribe). i woke up this morning, frosted the cake, puttered around and drank a pot of tea, had breakfast with claudia, went back to bed for a while, got up, showered, went to a party where there was fun bodypainting going on, left and delivered the cake, and then dropped claudia off at a thing she's going to. i'm going to pick her up afterwards.

i'm tempted to take a nap instead of going to a party in town. maybe i'll lay down for a few minutes and see if i snooze out immediately. that will be my sign that i'm TOO FUCKING TIRED. if not, i'll get up and swing thru the party for a bit before heading to pick up claudia.
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okay, so, i tried making pizza dough a while back, and it turned out kind of mediocre. it ended up being too crunchy for the thickness. (if it had been cracker-like and a quarter inch thick, that would be cool. but cracker-hard and half and inch thick is *bad*.)

how do i get my crust to be less "solid thick brick" consistency? i tried rolling it out thinner but it really wasn't willing.


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oh BAH. the other day? when i said "damn, i was sure i had baking powder but i can't find it so i went and got more"?

i just found the *other* container of baking powder. clearly, i should bake a lot and use them *both* up.
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i forgot to mention that before vercon i kept wandering by my copy of the latest issue of "strangers too" by terry moore, which has this big illustration of a fairie being happy about a piece of cake and text about "TAKE A CAKE BREAK". and it did its evil subliminal thing on me and so i was posessed of the urge to bake.

but i cheated and got two box-mix cake mixes and made two cakes for vericon. i made a chocolate layer cake but i didn't assemble it so i had two short 9" round chocolate cakes with chocolate icing for friday night, and one large yellow cake with white icing for saturday.

(two cakes seemed not much more difficult than one since i had enough pans to do
overlapping oven sessions.)

i was a little rushed on the chocolate icing, because we had to leave to head over to harvard square, so i didn't bother melting the ground sweet chocolate in with the butter, so the frosting turned out a little grittier than i'd like. but all in all, folks seemed to be pleased with the cakes.


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