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so, i'm partway thru replacing the suspended ceiling in one of the rooms of my house. my good ladder is out on loan, so the project is stalled with about 2/3rds of the tiles replaced, and several tiles missing and a few old tiles still there.

one of the sections with a missing tile is above the big old dec equipment rack i've got in the room, here. so now nikita the cat has discovered she can jump to the top of the rack and then jump up into the suspended ceiling and walk around up there. which is where she is now: padding around above the suspended ceiling.
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well, if any sink drain in my house had to fail, i guess it's best that the one that failed was the one located directly above a litter box, so the water didn't leak everywhere.

first, to clean everything out and see what the actual failure is, then i predict a home depot shopping trip in my future.
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two of my cats have bed-fur at the moment.

it's like bed-head. but, you know, cats. and fur.
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if you're thinking "shut up about the fucking cats", just skip these three entries.

well, the cat wasn't grooming her ass fast enough (and who can blame her) so i just gave her a bath. one bad scratch (on me) and numerous "oh my god they're killing me" yowls (by the cat) later, the cat is clean and damp.

which is bad enough, but then it turns out the poor thing looks and smells so different that at least one of the other cats isn't recognizing her. the damp cat is hiding now.

really, i can't blame her.
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there was just a *huge* screeching yowl from one of my cats (nikita), followed by a quick hiss and spit and then all three cats went running out of the room and now nikita is puffed up to about three times her normal size.

a quick peek out the window indicates that, in fact, they've just noticed the grey kitty who sneaks up onto the back porch here.
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bonaparte had a serious case of "dirty cat butt" this morning. so i wrapped her up in a towel and took scissors and managed to snip off the worst of it. i'm staring at her now trying to will her to groom more.

groon, you stupid cat! groom your ass!

welcome to my world.


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