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i laid down to nap a bit in lieu of amputating my head to make my ear pain stop, and i had a weird dream fragment, where i was wandering around with two former girlfriends (one from a short relationship followed by a very long friendship, the other someone i dated for a couple of years and haven't really talked to since) who were part of the same social circle. i just remember that it was some sort of a reunion thing. there were things going on that made me feel all disquieted, and other things that were okay. but mostly i woke up feeling adrift and on edge.


May. 16th, 2002 01:04 pm
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i had a dream last night where i went into a house and there was a big newfie dog there. all black and adorable. it wasn't actually fezzik, but he was just as friendly as fezzik was.


May. 8th, 2002 10:16 am
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i woke up out of a weird dream. there were a bunch of college boys (or maybe HS seniors) engaged in a "dogfight" (whoever brings the ugliest girl to a party wins), and i decked one of them who tried to hit on me to bring me to it. then i ended up running into janeanne garofalo and then ended up watching her in a multimedia performance with people on stage interacting with film being projected behind them. and then i had to leave, so i did.

also, i slept slightly strangely with my face pressed against the pillow, so the cpap mask rubbed a bit against the middle of my nose so i have a sensitive septum. not so much that it blisters, like the hospital's mask did the very first night i slept with a cpap for the calibration. man, that was annoying.

but sleep was long and restful and good. and now, a pot of tea must be made and consumed.
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i had a nightmare. an *emotional* nightmare. where i was watching myself like i was watching a car wreck... in the dream, i ended up telling someone i loved them when i knew i didn't and there was this crashing horrible angst of psychodrama. i woke up and buried myself against claudia and told her about the dream and felt really really glad that i was here and not there.



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