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visiting my parents in the summer can be ... aggravating. see, they live on cape cod, and about 20 million people all try to go to and from the cape on the weekends. but i figured that on labor day weekend, everyone who was going to be there would've gone there friday or before, and everyone who was there would stay thru the weekend and leave monday. *finally*! the prospect of traffic has been enough to keep me from doing a day trip down there for most of the summer. but not this weekend!

the weather report said it would be cloudy turning sunny. so i got up very early yesterday morning and by a little after 7 was heading cape-wards on my motorcycle. once i hit hyannis, it suddenly occurred to me that i was on the cape now and why on earth was i still on this unremarkable highway. so i ducked off the highway and went up to route 6A which is a pleasant low speed amble thru scenic cape towns, and went the rest of the way to dennis on that road. then headed back over to the south side of the cape and pulled into my folk's place a little after 9.

we hung out, we chatted, we watched "law and order" (they are also addicts of THE SHOW), i shovelled dirt to help distribute the giant piles of sand left over from the house extension a year or two ago while my dad trimmed invading scrub brush, i sat around and drank tea with my dad on the little patio past the garage, we went to lunch, etc. all in all, a perfect pleasant low key day.

they told me about getting the old super 8 home movies transferred to video, which promises to be nifty when it's done. and i remembered that we used to have slides and asked about them. and now i have a couple of dozen slides that i'm going to get scanned and maybe some photoprints of as well as digital copies. what's interesting is that some of them are slides i've never seen, from my dad's time in korea. so i'm really fascinated to check those out. once they're in a more easily sharable format (photoprint, digital, online, whatever), my dad can bring them to his next army reunion and hand them out.
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my brother [livejournal.com profile] johnd has a lj account now.
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my fingertips (and part of my fingers) are now covered with dried liquid nails adhesive. i should go commit crime because my fingerprints are untraceable. maybe i'll GET SUSHI AND NOT PAY!

two of my brothers came over, and one of them helped me mount the three flat pieces of my tub surround. the other napped. (he's the one who has a NEW SURGICALLY CHISELLED FABULOUS LOOKING BODY - i have scar pictures and don't make me post them!)

i do enjoy spending time with my siblings. yes, yes i do.

plus, hey, i was all productive and stuff.
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well, my brother john is in for more surgery today to make him look even more fabulous.

he's probably going to make me look at the scar.

maybe i'll take pictures and post them on the internet.
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i just need to point out that my brother's surgically chiselled body looks fabulous.
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my dad turns 73 tomorrow. kind of remarkable.

tonite, dinner for him!


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