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so, i went up to the friendly toast with some friends last nite, and we had BIG FOOD and then wandered around portsmouth and then walked across the bridge to maine. on the way back, we had to stop because the bridge had to open (it's not a drawbridge, but the type where the middle section lifts straight up, which i associate with railroad bridges, but this wasn't railroad tracks.) so that was all kinds of cool.

the bridge made a wonderful sound as the lifted part finally settled back down at road level.

we also stopped at a very archie-mcphee inspired store where i bought a rosie the riveter "we can do it" air freshener for my truck. and i was very impressed with bullmoose music, a nice independent music store with an impressively eclectic selection, and a bunch of local music and stuff. nice folks.
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so, the "memorial of light" giant buglights pointed at the sky thing in nyc is nearly over. and so i figured i'd drive down and take a look at them. so i picked claudia up at work and started south and shoudl've gotten there around 10, which would give us an hour for ogling and then we could turn around and head north when they got shut off for the night.

except we ran into what was pretty much the most festering suckpile of traffic i've ever encountered in nyc ever. so, by the time we got in visible range of the main skyline, the lights were off.


the drive itself was great, tho. claudia read aloud from a dorothy sayers book for part of it and it was nice to cruise down these highways i haven't seen in 6 years.


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