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okay, so, i spent most of this morning with the sales engineer guy for a firewall vendor.

i have a three hour appt with him to figure out some problems we're having with their product. normal "i'm too dumb to configure this" stuff, because i haven't been to training yet (their classes are full for most of the year). so, the guy shows up with a thumbdrive for me and the other engineer because who doesn't love swag. and during a lull in our troubleshooting and poking, i play with the drive a bit, take it out of its package and put it in my laptop.

because this is a new laptop, i haven't installed tweakui to say NO, YOU IDIOT FUCK, NEVER OPEN FOLDERS WHEN I PLUG IN A DRIVE. so, it opens the "f" folder for this removable drive.

at which point my virus scanner pops up.

turns out that the supposed-to-be-blank drive has one file on it. fun.xls.exe, a trojan.

we unwrap the other drive. same thing.

the sales engineer attempts to crawl into a hole in the floor.

there is then a pause in our normal events while he calls people back at the home office and says 'um, this is bad.'

i mean, it's clear this happened further back in the process than them. probably the factory that made them, really. but still. frickin hilarious.
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this is so totally technogeekishly cool.
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this is just brilliant -- someone has defeated fingerprint biometrics with gummi bears.
the register article


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