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i forgot to mention that before vercon i kept wandering by my copy of the latest issue of "strangers too" by terry moore, which has this big illustration of a fairie being happy about a piece of cake and text about "TAKE A CAKE BREAK". and it did its evil subliminal thing on me and so i was posessed of the urge to bake.

but i cheated and got two box-mix cake mixes and made two cakes for vericon. i made a chocolate layer cake but i didn't assemble it so i had two short 9" round chocolate cakes with chocolate icing for friday night, and one large yellow cake with white icing for saturday.

(two cakes seemed not much more difficult than one since i had enough pans to do
overlapping oven sessions.)

i was a little rushed on the chocolate icing, because we had to leave to head over to harvard square, so i didn't bother melting the ground sweet chocolate in with the butter, so the frosting turned out a little grittier than i'd like. but all in all, folks seemed to be pleased with the cakes.


Jan. 28th, 2002 12:24 am
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okay, i just got back from vericon (http://www.vericon.org - it's a sf con from the kids at hrsfa, the harvard/radcliffe science fiction association). i got to chat with terry moore, i got to listen to him and scott mcloud and henry jenkins (prof at MIT) talk about comics and such, i played some games and learned some new games. generally, i had fun. it was very low key and very small.

that was friday night thru sunday afternoon - i didn't get home since claudia is closer so we just stayed at her place friday and saturday nights. then sunday night we went out to dinner with some hrsfa folks and went to see "donnie darko" which is the most peculiar film i've seen in a while. it's dark and fucked up and really very cool and i enjoyed it and i'm still thinking about it.


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