Jul. 15th, 2009

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Well, we found the source of the leak. It was part of the vertical drain pipe. The big huge hole at the top was from when the plumber tried to snap the pipe - just tightening it by hand was enough to make the pipe buckle and dissolve and go crunch.

they've replaced that part with a pvc run of pipe, which is now operating LEAK FREE.

of course, because my house was substantially renovated by someone who was not as good as he thought he was, the process of jostling the pipes was enough to make a small leak in the poorly-plumbed water line. so, a bit of floor removal and some quick work and that was fixed, too.

clauclauclaudia was at home during all this while i was at work. when she explained that part of the floor needed to come up, i told her to make it clear that the tile was not important to save. which made the plumbers happy, since it was being difficult to remove nicely, and made me happy, since the only thing uglier than ugly tile is ugly tile being daintily removed when one is paying time and materials.

so now i have a hole in my bathroom floor behind and beside the toilet. at the moment, through the wonders of the chase, it provides a clear visual shot into the tenant unit's kitchen. so i stuffed a bag of rags into the hole and have covered it with a bucket to provide a bit of privacy.

i'll be having a pro in to at least fix the wall in the tenant unit, since i've got plans and vacations coming up and i need to have that fixed in a timely fashion. I'll have to do something about the floor for the short term but may or may not get around to fully fixing the floor until later. i'll figure out in the next couple of days what i want to do about that.


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