Sep. 27th, 2009

rmd: (this is bananas)
so. i have a macbook and an iphone and i paid off apple with mobileme for them to stay in sync. clauclauclaudia has a google calendar. i also have a google account.

here's what i'd like to have happen:

  • my macbook and iphone use mobileme to chat amongst themselves. (this part is working)[1]

  • somehow, this calendar info gets displayed (presumably but not necessarily on my google calendar) in a way that clauclauclaudia can view with her google calendar. (this does not have to include any read-only calendars i display on my main calendar - just my calendar content)

  • i pull clauclauclaudia's calendar into mine to view it. (I think this is fairly straightforward but i haven't checked the exact method for doing it)

now, off to lots of googling to figure out how the hell to do this.

[1] i don't know if i'll keep mobileme beyond my current membership, but i decided it was worth the discounted price i found a while back to try it for a year to see if it was, in fact, the next best thing to sliced bread.


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