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The Boston Science Fiction Movie Festival and Marathon were last week - I didn't see as many movies as I usually do thanks to scheduling and a badly timed cold. I already mentioned the feature-length movies I saw at the fest. There were also some excellent short films, including two Cthulhu-mythos pieces. I liked the modern day adaptation of Lovecraft's Music of Erich Zann, which had a double-barreled 'in your face' at Lovecraft - a trans protagonist, and a Holocaust-survivor Zann. For note-perfect mythos-inspired comedy, there was also The Call of Charlie (link to trailer).

Among the short films not based on the work of a racist xenophobe from Providence, there were also Beautiful Dreamer, Feral (no link to trailer or film), and a bunch of others.

The 'Thon itself was a nice line-up. The stand-out for me was that the version of Fury Road that screened was the black and white "Chrome" edition - there was one scene where I missed having the saturated color in the original, but wow, the b&w looked good. The scene with the workers stepping on the wheels to power the lift up to the citadel looked like something out of Metropolis.

In approximate screening order:
Hitchhike’s Guide to the Galaxy
Galaxy Quest
Creature From the Black Lagoon
Mad Max: Fury Road
John Dies In the End (amusing!)
Time Crimes (the longer I watched this movie, the more I disliked the protagonist)
Neither Heaven Nor Earth (French film set in Afghanistan)
This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy (from New Zealand, played at the Fest in 2016)
Rocketeer (still fun!)
Tremors (still fun!)

Trivia: the futuristic space cop dudes at the end of John Dies at the End were wearing Thermian uniforms from Galaxy Quest.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] aroraborealis's anonymous Valentine's Day confessional is happening again this year! Some interesting reading, some hot reading, some fun reading, some thoughtful reading.
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