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This year again brings us a Valentine's Day confessional post from [personal profile] aroraborealis's DW. So far it's relatively quiet but some delightful comments about small things people do for their partner(s) and some stuff about how the hell to adult.
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I went through my tea collection recently when I was finding some samples to send to someone, and I realized that I have a bunch of sample packs and other collections of loose-leaf teas that are, frankly, REALLY FUCKING OLD. Ages range from a couple of years to well over a decade. Most of these have been stored in the same sealed foil wrappers they were in when Upton sent them to me as freebies when I got refills on my usual Irish breakfast blend of theirs. Some of them have been stored in non-airtight fold-top bags. I assume it's all still good, but may have had flavors fade a bit, particularly the stuff that's not air-tight. It's almost all black tea (might be some herbal or green tea sample packs in there), mostly from Upton Tea Importers.

Anyone want a box of tea packets? Available for pickup in Somerville.
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In case folks haven't seen it elsewhere, Dave Caswell, [personal profile] cevad here and LJ, has died. Whoever was his 'legacy contact' on facebook has set the page to 'remembering' mode. I can't find an obituary, and I don't know more than he had metastasized cancer.
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Anyone interested in 4 tix (really good seats) for tomorrow’s John Waters Xmas show at the berklee? https://www.berklee.edu/events/john-waters-christmas-1
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If you're in need of a 'boot to the head' sort of short story, Sarah Gailey's new piece STET is there for you. The story is substantially told in the footnotes, so don't skip them.[1]

Gailey says they wrote the story out of spite, which seems fair as a motivation. God knows I've done constructive things out of spite.

[1] note: story discusses the death of a child.


Oct. 17th, 2018 12:25 pm
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My foot continues to steadily improve. At this point, things that require mild bending of the arch, like walking on level ground, are merely a bit uncomfortable (although this discomfort accumulates over time/distance walked, understandably), while things that require more of that, like climbing up or down stairs normally, are still unpleasant. But there's been a steady progression as the pain ramps down, so that's good.

Yay normal non-mutant but definitely present healing factor!
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Interesting article about a researcher who looked at women in the early broadcast TV industry and how the blacklist and the red scare pushed us to "Leave it to Beaver."

Found via a Metafilter post which contains more links.
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For your kung fu movie enjoyment today: Short (<9min) video of La Frances Hui, film curator for the (NYC) Museum of Modern Art, talking about Lau Kar Leung and kung fu movies.

attn goths

Jun. 18th, 2018 04:09 pm
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The folks who did "Spirit of 77" (the RPG where it's based on 70's movies instead of LotR) have got GOTH AS F*CK, a different sort of rpg.

Also, they've got another one where you're invading earthling junior high school, inspired by Invader Zim and Mars Attacks.
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I decided to tell Twitter (and now DW) that I'll do a 1:1 match of up to $5K in donations to approved-by-me voter enfranchisement organizations. Voteriders.org was what I was initially thinking of - they're nonpartisan and single-issue, but if someone has a different tax-deductible type voter rights organization I may be open to matching that, too. (hence the "approved-by-me" caveat in my tweet)

Go ahead. Spend my money.


May. 26th, 2018 12:08 pm
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I want to see a caper film with a couple of queer women (romantically involved) as the protagonists. And we have various scenes of them in their home, talking about caper plans, and also chatting to/about the cat as folks do... "WHO'S A FUZZBALL?" and "Look at that big brown kitteh!"

We, the audience, find out that the antagonists have bugged their house, so we think the baddies are aware of all the plans. BUT! Things go off the rails for the baddies because the protagonists act in coordinated yet unexpected ways!

Later, as the antagonists survey the carnage, one of the folks who's been doing surveillance says something about the women's cats. A peripheral character, perhaps who's been marginalized by the baddies at various points in acts 1 and 2, looks at them in puzzlement. "Their cats both died last year..."

CUT TO FLASHBACK - One of the women points an audio surveillance bug out to the other. We revisit various scenes of the women talking to/about cats, this time with subtitles. Like a "guess the serial number on a dollar bill" mentalist act, they've been communicating in code, nonsensical chatter ostensibly to the cats is actually a conversation about plans. "WHO'S A FUZZBALL?" spoken to a cluttered (and cat-free) closet might translate to "Is the shipment on time?"

At the end of the film after our main plot's denoument, we see the protagonists on a couch, playing with two new kittens, calling them by names related to the caper. The women share a kiss. Fade to white. Roll credits.

oh no

Apr. 4th, 2018 08:48 pm
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If you're not familiar with "Webcomic Name", mostly notable for a blob-like protagonist saying "oh no" at the end of it, here are some sample strips. Someone has put together a 'make your own mashup' for this strip at https://webcomicname-mashup.glitch.me/. It mixes panels together to make either something amusing or incomprehensible. Hitting reload a bunch of times, I came across this and this which amused me.
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One of my coworkers has left, so at some point soon we'll have a job posting for a senior network wrangler, Somerville-based. Let me know if you're interested or if you know someone interested.
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Anyone local got recommendations for a gutter contractor who'll do work in Somerville?  A piece of our gutter made a swan dive and is now vertical while hanging on some phone wires that go over my driveway.  Which serves to upgrade the gutters from "yeah, we should get that whole thing replaced some year soon" to "yeah, guess we're doing that today"
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So, last week was the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. I watched a lot of shorts and a lot of features. My user icon for this post should tell you one movie listed under the cut:Read more... )
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This video mashup of 66 classic movie dance scenes set to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars is still awesome. With the exception of "That's Entertainment!", all the movies excerpted are from before the mid 1950's. (there's another movie dance scene supercut out there to the same song that's mostly movies from the last 40 years, but it's nowhere near as beautifully, crisply edited)

I came across it again and watched it and was reminded of just how well put together it is.
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Laser-cut batch of non-repeating rhombus tiles. Yay!
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this was me. I'm trying to figure out ways one could implement this with relative safety, and I figured I'd throw it open for brainstorming over here. How could I help people get laid?
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I fall prey to this fallacy SO OFTEN.
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Over on Tumblr, a discussion of how the discourse around "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is the same as some of the discourse around Lady MacBeth's speech urging regicide in "MacBeth". And of course it ends in a filk. ("I really don’t know (baby stab his side) // King Duncan’s a bro (baby cut through his hide) ...)


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