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and now, a moment of politics.

my probably-cynical possibly-realistic expectations for the next four years. Read more... )
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"Restrictions on the freedom of the individual, the right to free speech, including freedom of the press and the right of assembly and the right to form groups, infringements on the secrecy of post, telegraph and telephone communications, house searches, confiscation and limitation in property ownership over and above the previously legally specified limitations are now permissible."

"All (group members) who endanger state security are to be concentrated here, as in the long run it is not possible to keep individual functionaries in the state prisons without overburdening these prisons, and on the other hand these people cannot be released because attempts have shown that they persist in their efforts to agitate and organize as soon as they are released."

answer: nazi germany, 1933.

on the other hand, toriccelli (sp) is out of the race in NJ, so there's hope for a democrat getting elected to that the NJ senate seat.
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chancellor bush is doing away with the foriegn policy basics that we've had in place since the 1940's and decided that we will preemptively attack anyone we want any time we want.

to quote the NYT:
It includes the
discounting of most nonproliferation treaties in favor of a doctrine
of "counterproliferation," a reference to everything from missile
defense to forcibly dismantling weapons or their components. It
declares that the strategies of containment and deterrence staples of
American policy since the 1940's are all but dead. There is no way in
this changed world, the document states, to deter those who "hate the
United States and everything for which it stands."

and just for the record, This Cartoon was published before this article.


Sep. 11th, 2002 07:28 am
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bush has named today "patriot day", and somehow i just know that this will end up being a "grill burgers and hotdogs in your yard then go to the big sales" holiday in 75 years. but wouldn't it be cool if it ended up being a holiday in memory of firefighters and emergency response workers?

that would be a good legacy.
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i'm looking at the "see, no, really, you're actually all libertarians" online political quiz.

"The growing fusion between information and entertainment is a worrying contribution to the public's shrinking attention span."

oooh oooh oooh. i love presumptive questioning.

go sweden

Jun. 5th, 2002 05:03 pm
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the swedish parliment ruled that married gay couples can be just like single people and het couples and can apply to adopt kids. this includes one partner being able to adopt the other partner's kids.

very cool.

the vote was 198 to 38 with 71 abstentions.
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fuck the republican party. my god, they're all but accusing daschle of treason for saying "uh, where are you guys going with this?"

Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) issued a statement saying: "How dare Senator Daschle criticize President Bush while we are fighting our war on terrorism, especially when we have troops in the field? He should not be trying to divide our country while we are united."

House Republicans soon chimed in. Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) called Daschle's remarks "disgusting." Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (Va.), chairman of the House GOP's campaign committee, said Daschle's "divisive comments have the effect of giving aid and comfort to our enemies by allowing them to exploit divisions in our country."


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