Mar. 1st, 2009

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apparently, i was due for a good solid shoot-yourself-in-the-foot fuckup.

words to the wise from the voice of experience: if you have two devices working as a primary/failover pair, and you want to test them both, you have to test through each of them and not twice through one of them. *facepalm*

*sigh* this is the sort of thing that would've had me wearing the 'bonehead' headpiece when i was at ftp.

on the other hand...

back very shortly after i started at msft, working for the then-fledgling msn, i had an coworker for about 2 months. the guy started, and very shortly after he took another job wrangling networks at some HMO or something. i was told after he left that he apparently thought the stress of working at msft was more than he wanted to deal with.

and i couldn't quite understand this. because at msft, OH MY GOD PEOPLE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO READ THEIR EMAIL if there was a fuckup. or, you know, have a fuckup show up above the fold on newspapers all around the world. (yeah, that happened. not my fault, although i did kick myself for not diagnosing and solving it before other people did.) but at an HMO, people might ACTUALLY FUCKING DIE due to information technology fuckups.

dark days

Mar. 1st, 2009 06:51 pm
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while the roof hacking documentary, "man on a wire" is high up on my list of films to check out (and high up on my netflix queue), i spent part of this evening watching more of a tunnel-hacking documentary.

dark days is a documentary about people living in the 'freedom tunnel', an amtrak tunnel under riverside park in NYC. this is not the 'OH MY GOD THE MOLE PEOPLE ARE ATTACKING' kind of story about them. this is a documentary about and by these folks.

it's a good flick, and worth the watching, imao.
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peeve! headphone/earbud cords get tangled when i carry them around in my bag or my pockets.
problem )
and then i realized i had the right tool for the job, which was a yarn bob.
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and sure enough, it looks like it'll work.
solution )

i love it when a plan comes together.


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