Oct. 13th, 2011 05:43 pm
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And, of course, since the mini battery was sitting idle for so long and I've only done very short drives, my battery just died. *sigh*

I'll deal with that later because I have a hairdresser appt and dammit I need a hair cut.

Maybe bus/walk back to my car and call AAA? Something like that.

ETA: after a long rest (wherein I got a haircut and came back to the car), the car managedto start. So, Yay! But I guess it's time to replace the original battery... Maybe it didn't want to outlive the motor? :)
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So, I had a plan for yesterday. That plan involved sloth, videogames (including finally starting bioshock 2), and generally having a bonus weekend day to spend in idleness. (except for getting my teeth cleaned v early - when I made the appt, I forgot that 10/10 was a holiday.)

So, I got up early and went to my dentist for an overdue cleaning, then went to the Starbucks a few doors down to start the process of undoing the cleaning. (kind of sysiphean, really). and then I figured I'd stop atthe market on the way home, and I did and stocked up on some supplies. Then I wet home and did manage a tiny bit of sloth. Then I talked to C about what we wanted in a new chair for the computer room (the 30+ year old chair that had been following me coast to coast finally died). And then I drove [livejournal.com profile] clauclauclaudia off to a tutoring appointment and productivity attacked.

I went to target and picked up new curtains for the bedroom, as well as a few other parts of the house. Went home, swapped the bedroom curtains in. Stopped at trader joe's for snacks. Went to tend cats I'm cat-sitting. Picked C up and then we drove sown to ikea. We checked out all the chairs we'd looked at on their website and then ended up getting something totally different that we both liked. And we picked up a new office chair for me. And a dish drainer (my old one died a year or two back and I'd been doing without). And new pillows that have never had cat puke on them. Yet.

So, my truck is full of chairs, as we were both too beat to drag the old ones downstairs last nite. And I have bright curtains in the bedroom to make it less cave-like. And curtain to mount in the computer room and on the front 2nd floor porch door. And so tonite we'll swap out new chairs for old.

So, I got a bunch of stuff done, including assorted cleaning and other errands. Which made it kind of a failure for "sloth", but I'm good with that.

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Sigh. Woke up when Claudia was moving about settling in and putting her laptop computer aside, around 0330-0345. And stayed awake. Did all my usual relaxation and sleep-inducing things to no effect. I'm thinking of getting up now and taking a shower and then seeing if I can manage a nap later.

On the other hand, project "cook more and different stuff" continued apace. I made a meatloaf yesterday that was tasty and froze another to be thawed and cooked some later time. Relatedly, how the heck am I out of steak sauce?

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Hey! Local folks. Anyone near somerville parking office who could jump start the mini? I can (and will) call AAA, but figure friends might be faster.

all set!

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Huh. If I live as long as my mother, I've got 7 years 5 months left.

Well, slightly less. But that'll do for an approximation.

Guess I *am* getting older.

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Apparently some of the voice actors for zim got together and read a couple of unproduced episodes. link here at the Mary Sue

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I have suffered my first injury at the gun range. I was eating a burrito in the parking lot before shooting and I cut my lip on the aluminum foil.

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2011 is the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers: 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211.

This means it is a prime number that is the sum of a prime number of prime numbers!

That's pretty fuckin prime right there

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I have a $15-for$30 groupon for redbones that I won't be able to use before it expires (which happens end-of-day tomorrow). Anyone want it? It would be nice to get $15 for it, or something of similar value like a promise of a drink or two some time, but letting it go to waste would Just Be Wrong, so mostly I want to make sure it gets used. Gone to a good home, for great MEAT.


Sep. 18th, 2010 07:10 pm
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Anyone up for early breakfast at the neighborhood tomorrow (sun) at, like, 0730? ETA: no neighborhood for me. POTS OF TEA AT HOME ARE A GO!
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I'm thinking of heading to the neighborhood restaurant in union sq for breakfast tomorrow around 0700-0730ish. Anyone care to join me? ETA: my around-the-house projects ran later than expected, so i think i shall defer to some other time. and now, a shower.
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So, there's been a spate of "faux-vintage" movies over the past few years. "alien attack" was a remake/spoof 50's sf movie. The hp lovecraft historical folks did a silent "call of Cthulhu" movie. There's a new one, now. It's called "metropolis", and the framing conceit is laid out in title cards before the start of the movie (like the beginning of "Blair witch project") explaining how the parts of the movie were scattered across the globe like part of some videogame quest (I assume the inevitable tie in game will utilize this mechanism somehow).

Anyways, they supposedly gathered all the parts to create voltron and are claiming to be showing the full movie for the first time since 1920 or something. It done like a 20's style silent movie, and it was pretty good, albiet kinda derivative.

How derivative? Here's a list:

  • there's the whole "we found this movie" thing like Blair witch
  • the art design for the titular city is a TOTAL ripoff of Rapture from Bioshock. And rapture had whales and awesome water fx and everything.
  • these guys owe Quentin Tarantino a check or something: not only did they do the fake distressing thing like in grindhouse, they even used the thing where they cut out part of the movie and have a "we're missing this footage" title card
  • the people fleeing the rising water level end up finding a locked door at the top of the escape stairs, just like Kate and Leo in "titanic"

They did a lot of stuff right, though. They absolutely nailed the look for the fx. I think actual fx in the supposed production time frame weren't that advanced, but it's a small jump to what they showed. The cgi was so well blended I couldn't be sure what was cgi and what was vintage fx methods. (the call of Cthulhu folks did this really well, too.)

The acting had real period versimilitude right down to the makeup. The plot was pretty good, working the archetypes well.

So, it could totally pass for a 20's movie. Really good. I didn't recognize any of the actors, so they found really good unknown talent. Or maybe they are all germans who haven't done anything English speaking until now.

Anyways, check it out if you like that deco styling. Very nice.

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I had made a pos about listening to abba and queen in the data center, but it looks like the post didn't go through. Ah well

Still in VA. Missing my girlfriend, my cpap, and the company of women in general. It's pretty fuckin boyzone here. *sigh*

My departure has been moved to tomorrow, so I washed a set of socks so I'll still have a spare.

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I'm in a hotel, and channel surfing as I gear up to take on the world. And look! David tennant, in hamlet! With Patrick Stewart. Alas, I cannot watch the players attempt to catch the conscience of the king. Must build data center...

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World nutella day. I repeat:WORLD NUTELLA DAY.

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Sigh. I think I have pink eye. At least, I was around a bunch of kids over the weekend and now my eye is irritates and generating spooge. So, signs point to pink eye.

I'm hanging out at the mt auburn walk in clinic and I think I've chafed my eyelid with the sandpaper like tissue they have here.

ETA: Yep, verdict is pinkeye.
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So, spring is here. Which means I should spend a day outside doimg things like beating up my postage stamp of a yard and finish laying down weedblock and mulch before plantlife explodes into bloom.

However, I'm feeling behind the 8ball on enough stuff that I'm thinking it might be best to be a tool-using animal and solve this problem with the tool of "my wallet".

Anyone local on my flist want to make a bit of money for what's probably an afternoon of yard work?


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