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ingredients: over three dozen eggs, two pounds of sausage, at least 5 pounds of bacon, several gallons of waffle batter (regular and multigrain hippie vegan flavors), various juices, breads, muffins, pomegranate seeds, chocolate, nutella, milk, much syrup (fake pancake syrup, grade A maple syrup, and the real grade B maple syrup), a pie, brownies, and other things i'm forgetting or missed. add several dozen people, much loud milling about, a chance for folks here to meet folks from seattle they've mostly only encountered online, and serve.

i took this as an opportunity to actually mount the wall-mount fire extinguisher on the porch outside the kitchen. it remained un-used and un-needed, which was good. the closest thing we had to a major problem was a slight overflow issue with the coffee maker which was being operated by people a little too in need of coffee.

the brunch started at 1130, most folks cleared out around 6, and the last guests left after 8pm. i think that makes it a very successful brunch.
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so, i went up to the friendly toast with some friends last nite, and we had BIG FOOD and then wandered around portsmouth and then walked across the bridge to maine. on the way back, we had to stop because the bridge had to open (it's not a drawbridge, but the type where the middle section lifts straight up, which i associate with railroad bridges, but this wasn't railroad tracks.) so that was all kinds of cool.

the bridge made a wonderful sound as the lifted part finally settled back down at road level.

we also stopped at a very archie-mcphee inspired store where i bought a rosie the riveter "we can do it" air freshener for my truck. and i was very impressed with bullmoose music, a nice independent music store with an impressively eclectic selection, and a bunch of local music and stuff. nice folks.
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i bought a microwave rice cooker/steamer, and tried it out with lunch today. very cool! just add rice and water and stick it in the microwave for about 10 minutes and let it set and voila! rice!

i have an electric rice cooker, but it doesn't work well for small quantities, like a single serving. it ends up burning the rice on the bottom most of the time i do small amounts on it. but this seems to work well. i'm pleased.
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a few months ago, i bought a pasta machine. tonite we tried making noodles. they're drying now. soon, we will cook them up and toss them in with some (bought in a jar) alfredo sauce. i could've made alfredo sauce, but figured that dealing with one unfamiliar food preparation thing was my limit for the meal.


May. 23rd, 2002 12:30 pm
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sausage gravy with biscuits. tasty *and* cheap!


Mar. 19th, 2002 10:29 pm
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dinner was steak pan-fried with carmelized onions on rice with corn on the side. the onions were nicely carmelized (with the help of a pinch of sugar), but the steak was a little too vinegary - next time, not so much vinegar.
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what a wonderful lazy weekend! not much in the way of productivity, but there was homemade pizza and movies and catching up on "six feet under" in preparation for the season premiere and lots of loafing and cuddling.

life is good.

oh feh.

Feb. 16th, 2002 05:09 pm
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the little chocolate trilobite carapaces didn't come out so good. i got a little experimental with the chocolate and it turned out kind of mediocre. so i stopped after putting carapaces on only half of the trilobites. overall, tho, tasty.
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okay, today i need to finish scrubbing the excess grout off of a chunk of the bathroom wall (i've been repairing grout in sections). then i need to bake some cookies for a potluck i'm going to on monday. i'm thinking trilobite cookies, except with nutella instead of jam in the middle. but i couldn't find any little eye dot type stuff at the store i went to, so i'll probably just give them lots of eyes by shaking small non-pareils onto their little chocolate carapaces.

what the heck am i talking about? trilobite cookies: http://www.georgehart.com/trilobites/trilobite.html

*then* i need to clean up the house a bit and get ready for some folks coming over tonight to drink booze, eat cheese fondue (must remember to use much less wine this time), and watch VALLEY OF THE DOLLS. (cheese and cheese! get it?)

tomorrow i head off to sf27 movie marathon. but that's tomorrow and this is today and there's a bunch of stuff to do between now and then.

but before any of that, i really really need to shower.
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i forgot to mention that before vercon i kept wandering by my copy of the latest issue of "strangers too" by terry moore, which has this big illustration of a fairie being happy about a piece of cake and text about "TAKE A CAKE BREAK". and it did its evil subliminal thing on me and so i was posessed of the urge to bake.

but i cheated and got two box-mix cake mixes and made two cakes for vericon. i made a chocolate layer cake but i didn't assemble it so i had two short 9" round chocolate cakes with chocolate icing for friday night, and one large yellow cake with white icing for saturday.

(two cakes seemed not much more difficult than one since i had enough pans to do
overlapping oven sessions.)

i was a little rushed on the chocolate icing, because we had to leave to head over to harvard square, so i didn't bother melting the ground sweet chocolate in with the butter, so the frosting turned out a little grittier than i'd like. but all in all, folks seemed to be pleased with the cakes.
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yesterday i bought some pork and started it marinating in vinegar and garlic and onion powder and a bit of soy sauce and a bit of olive and sesame oils. today i cooked it up with some onion (didn't quite get them caramelized) and black beans and put it over rice. i should've used two onions, but other than that, it came out quite passable.



Dec. 29th, 2001 11:37 pm
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so, we tried making fondue tonight. and we got tasty cheeses (half a pound each of three different kinds of cheese) and bread and apples and stuff and were making fondue but unfortunately the thing where the ingredients listing said 1 1/2 cups of white wine, and the directions said 1/2 cup, and we thought "oh, that must be a typo"?

it wasn't a typo.

it got better after i poured off about a cup of liquid, tho. but hey, melted cheese and bread and apples -- can't really go wrong there. and next time, i'll remember. NOT A TYPO.
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hey, latkes are tasty! after the arisia meetings on sunday, claudia and i went back to hear place where her housemate joanne was hosting a big latke hunukkah thing and a bunch of folks i knew were there. so much hanging about and candle lighting and latke cooking and latke eating all occurred.

and now the snow is coming down pretty heavily and steadily. wunderground.com claims it'll only accumulate an inch or so before it changes to freezing rain tonite. i don't believe them.

but tomorrow is the Fellowship of the Ring showing! we're going to a 12:01 am showing on weds morning, so tuesday night around 11:30pm we'll have to be at the premiere cinema in framingham. very cool cinema - big cushy seats, there's a bar, it's just all good.


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